Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good Obama Ads

Clever that the Obama campaign actually created this footage. Sure looks like it's a real race, don't it?

And then there's Obama's 30 minute ad which aired yesterday. It's a perfect embodiment of his campaign. While some might have expected a passionate argument in favor of Obama's liberal ideas, like one might have expected Obama to be more aggressive during the debates, Obama instead chose to project a safe image, of a man who is plausible as President. Which is exactly what he should be doing to win. It might result in a bigger win, or a stronger mandate, if he were to attack the GOP and/or be more vocal about his own ideas, but it runs the risk of making him look like a Muslim radical. Obama recognizes that the central issue of this campaign is whether he can appear presidential. A clear majority of the country wants to vote Republicans out, so long as they are convinced that Obama won't f it all up. And last night's ad was yet another attempt to reassure us.

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