Monday, October 3, 2011

Ronald Reagan supports Obama's Buffett Rule

Even St. Ronald the First supports the Buffett Rule. Here's the video. It's only a minute long and very much worth viewing for Democrats and Republicans alike.

So now we have a "radical socialist anti-colonial" who as President has:

-advocated changes to the tax code that Reagan also proposed,
-passed a similar health plan to ones supported by Mitt Romney, mid-90's Senate Republicans, and leaders at the conservative Heritage Foundation, while refusing to fight for a public option or single payer,
-passed a stimulus bill that was too small and largely constituted of tax cuts,
-expanded gun rights, earning an F from the anti-gun Brady Campaign,
-extended the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy,
-kept Gitmo open, continued drone attacks and generally continued Bush's foreign policy.

You can agree or disagree with Obama's policies, but to call his Presidency anything other than centrist, or even conservative, is so laughable I couldn't take seriously anyone who would make the claim.

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Valerie said...

I believe it's called moving the goal posts. The right has convinced a democratic president to adopt their less crazy policies, which means they can ask for even more. Mostly by arguing that those policies must be "leftist" based only on the fact that a democrat is advocating them.