Thursday, February 16, 2012

Deadlines and Issues

This is the final rebirth of The Political Doctor. As I don't have the best history when it comes to sticking with this, I make the following new rules:

1. I will post everyday between now and Election Day in November. That's at least one post every midnight-to-midnight period. It might not be more than "hey, this Rachel Maddow clip is great", but there will be something. Exceptions to this would include days on which a close friend or family member dies, is born, or is seriously injured.
2. More Oxford commas.
3. Should I break Rule 1, I will close down the blog for good.
4. I will attempt to focus more on the issues rather than the horse-race aspect of the campaign. They matter more, they're definitely more interesting, and they might be more thought- and conversation-provoking.

Anyone who knows me knows that, well, that I can be kind of a lazy guy, so I haven't been posting even though I've been following the election as closely as ever. But a deadline will force me to actually sit down and start typing. It will make the blog easier to follow; check back each day for a new post!. I also think regular posting on broader issues will allow for multi-day series of bite-sized, related posts.

Check back tomorrow for the first in a series of posts on the mandate that all health insurance companies provide contraception coverage to all employees. Sneak peek: it's a big winner for the President.


M said...

I support all uses of Harvard commas.

Emily said...

I do not support Rule #3

PoliticalDoctor said...

Just got restarted and already a fiery disagreement!