Saturday, July 21, 2012

Please don't hate me, but...

Statistically speaking, every 48 hours, over 13,000 (.pdf) Americans die, and 240 die due to lack of health insurance 180 Americans die in traffic accidents, and 170 are killed with a gun.  Worldwide, 42,000 under 5 die of preventable causes every 48 hours

The shootings in Colorado are of course a terrible tragedy whose victims should be mourned and the ramifications of which should be discussed.  But, and maybe this is peculiar to my mathematical/utilitarian mind, why should events like this have such sway over the our national consciousness or our politics?  Why does gun control jump to the top of the political heap for at least a little while because 182 people were killed by guns during this 48 hours, instead of 170 like every other?

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