Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random thoughts on the convention

In no particular order:

-Ryan repeated his ridiculous claim that Obama promised to keep a factory near Ryan's hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin.  This claim had previously been debunked, but Ryan continues to repeat it.  The plant closed in December 2008 (except for a skeleton crew kept around to finish out a specific contract), which of course was prior to Obama becoming President.  Obama also never actually promised to keep the plant open.  In Ryan's previous iteration of the lie, he blamed the closing of the factory on $4 gasoline and went on to use that "fact" as an example of how energy policy can affect employment.  Given that the factory went belly-up after 8 years of two former oilmen in the White House, and at a time when gas prices were under $1.65/gal, it's clear that Ryan's just flinging shit at the wall and seeing what sticks.

-In discussing generational differences between himself and his running mate, Ryan pointed to their differing musical tastes.  As proof of his younger tastes, Ryan said something like "my playlist starts with AC/DC and ends with Zeppelin".  AC/DC formed when Ryan was 3 and were international stars when he was 6.  Led Zeppelin formed 2 years before his birth and released Led Zeppelin IV, one of the best-selling records of all-time, when he was in diapers.  If Ryan's musical tastes are the hip young side of the pair, Romney must be a big fan of doing the Charleston.

-I'm flabbergasted by Rand Paul sticking with the GOP after how his father and his campaign have been treated this week.  The party changed its own rules to try to prevent Ron Paul's name from even being mentioned during the actual delegate voting, and they refused to seat duly-elected Paul delegates, particularly from Maine.  How can the Pauls think they have any future in a party that clearly hates them?  What do they need the Republican Party for, anyway?  The Libertarian Party would, I'd imagine, be happy to give Rand Paul their line on the ballot in all 50 states in every election for the next 30 (edit: not 3) years.  If he left the GOP but promised to still caucus with the GOP, a la Joe Lieberman and Bernie Sanders, is there any chance that Kentucky Republicans would put up their own candidate to split the conservative vote in a state where the Democrat got 44% last time?


NWest said...

RE: Rand Paul - He recognizes that the LP is going nowhere fast.

As bad as the republicans are, they have the ballot access and the organization. Republican libertarians are slowly working their way into the party structures, fighting against the mainstream establishment as well as the big-government religious conservatives. Young republicans are by far more agreeable to gay marriage, abortion, and other social issues that have driven them to the democrats for so long. As the country continues into greater insolvency, look for these young people in the party.

I'm not saying that they'll win - we may end up with religious nuts, but at least they're trying.

NWest said...

Also - Did you see Condi Rice's good speech? Word on the street is that Romney passed her over for VP because she's pro-choice and supports gay marriage. Republicans will continue to shoot themselves in the foot if they don't moderate their social positions soon.

TableTopJoe said...

So, NWest, to be clear, you're saying that Rand Paul does not believe in fundamental tenets of the Republican Party. You're saying that he does not believe in the social legislation that comes from the Republican Party. To be fair, I agree with you and am relieved, because who needs another judgmental "small-government" (only big enough to fit in your bedroom) "conservative"?

That said, doesn't it make you question his sincerity as to other things he purports to believe in?