Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Romney attacks Obama's expansion of states' rights

Republicans talk all the time about states' rights.  Romney's entire defense of his health care plan is that states should be free to tailor programs to the peculiarities of each state, as Romney explained in an interview on Fox News, saying:
What we did in Massachusetts was right for Massachusetts. I've said that time and time again, that people of the state continue to support it by about 3-1, but it's also designed for Massachusetts, not for the nation, and at the time our bill was passed, and that was brought forward as an issue, there were people who said, is this something you'd like to have the entire nation do? I said no. This is not a federal plan, it's a state plan. And under the constitution, states should be able to craft their own plans.
One person who would agree with absolutely everything Romney says here is President Obama.  Obama shows his agreement by offering states waivers from Obamacare if they come up with a solution that might be better.  He also recently gave states the right to apply for a waiver from "welfare to work" rules if they demonstrated an approach that would more effectively get people on welfare back to work.  Despite this mutual recognition of the power of allowing states to experiment, as well as Romney's past request for a similar waiver when governor of Massachusetts,  Romney chose to attack Obama for instituting the new welfare policy.

I continue to be impressed by the ability of Republicans to portray Obama as a radical even as he institutes their own policies.

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