Saturday, November 1, 2008

Does the Right Know About Right-Wing Media?

Over on The Corner, the blog of the conservative National Review magazine, the NR's writers are lamenting the failure of the dreaded "Main Stream Media" to discover the existence of Obama's illegal immigrant aunt.

From The Corner:
[I]f Aunt Zeituni had settled in Wasilla - say, in lodgings across the way from Bristol Palin's boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's uncle's sled dog's veterinarian's ammunition dealer - the fact that she's an "illegal immigrant" might have come out a lot sooner, even if only from the Atlantic Monthly investigative unit driving by and asking her whether Joe the Plumber had ever serviced Trig's real mother's double-wide.
Rather than bitching about the "liberal" media not telling us about Aunt Zeituni before today, why don't they ask themselves why Drudge/Fox News/The New York Post et. al didn't find out about it themselves?

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