Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obama saved by question order

In last night's debate, Bob Schieffer asked the candidates about the use of drones to eliminate people the administration says are terrorists.  It was Romney's question to answer first, so he gave a brief statement of support for Obama's approach and then used the rest of his time to make another point.  Obama then responded to the rest of Romney's answer but didn't say anything at all about the drone attacks.  I'm fairly certain that Obama will not be sitting for any interviews between now and Election Day where he'll be asked about killing people with robots.  We therefore lost our chance to hear the guy who's running a secret "kill list" in our name try to defend his actions.

Whatever one thinks about the morality of targeted killing, or the practical effects of lobbing missiles into villages, it's something that should have been discussed at some point during a year-long campaign.

Tomorrow, I'll discuss how I sleep at night despite supporting the "kill list" guy.

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