Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night live blog

7:29 - Stop the presses; Obama's up 77%-22% in South Carolina.  Blue landslide!

7:56 - Must be the red parts of Virginia that have reported so far, with Kaine and Obama way behind with 8% in.  Weird that NBC isn't remarking on it, since it sure looks remarkable on the screen.

8:01 - NBC says "too early to call but we are showing an Obama lead" for Pennsylvania.  Romney just about has to win Ohio to have any real chance.

8:15 - TalkingPointsMemo.com says exit polls show party ID in Ohio was at D +7, which is a great number for Obama and in line with the polls that showed him up in the state.

8:32 - Brian Williams commented that it's a bad sign for Romney that places like North Carolina haven't been called yet.  First global statement I recall hearing.

9:04 - Still no surprising results in terms of who won what, but a quick call of Michigan for Obama, along with still no call for North Carolina or Florida point to trouble for Romney.

9:44 - Indiana goes for the Democrats.  When will Republican voters learn that they can't nominate crazy people and expect to take over the Senate?  And Elizabeth Warren won in Massachusetts.  It's still early, but things are going well.

9:52 - New Hampshire for Obama!  Now even if he loses Ohio but wins Iowa, Nevada, Minnesota and Colorado (all favored to win), he wins!

10:00 - CBS moves Ohio to "lean Obama".  That would end it, if it becomes official.  NBC just said Iowa and Nevada both "too early to call" with Obama in the lead.  Current states already called plus Ohio plus Iowa and Nevada + sure wins on the coast and Hawaii = win.

10:13 - Fuck superstition.  If this were a baseball game, they'd be putting up plastic in the Democrats' locker room right now.

10:17 - Let me tell ya, if you're a fan of schadenfreude, you have to head over to the blog on The National Review.

10:31 - Drudge is already trumpeting the popular vote totals.  Golly I sure hope Obama gets a clean win.

11:17 Victory!

12:14 - If Republicans can't win with unemployment at 7.9%, when could they ever win ever?

1:08 - who's the GOZp leader tomorrow?  Boehner and Cantor are fighting over the House, McConnell just lost seats, Romney and Ryan just lost to a weak incumbent.  Who decides the next Republican strategy?


NWest said...

I'm looking for the 269-269 tie. I'd love to see a Romney/Biden presidency for the lulz.

NWest said...
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NWest said...

Republicans need to leave the anti-immigration and anti-women religious right behind. Romney lost any (albeit slim) chance of getting me & the wife's vote when he kept supporting Todd Akin and Richard Murdock.

The people to bring the republican party into the future are the Governors, such as Chris Christie and Marco Rubio. But the Republican narrative will be that Christie cost Romney the election, and there's too many reflexively anti-immigration people to accept Rubio's more nuanced views on immigration ("high fence", but "wide gate"). Mitch Daniels would be one as well, but as he's now in Academia, he must remain non-partisan.

If the republicans were smart, they'd refocus on the fiscal issues and bring Gary Johnson back into the fold.

Doubt it will happen, though. Fiscal Cliff, here we come. Gold to 2k/oz.