Monday, November 5, 2012

The Stakes

A brief review of some of the many things to be decided tomorrow:

-45 million more people would have health insurance under Obama's plan than Romney's.  Health insurance makes it much easier to see a primary care provider (such as myself) and to afford whatever treatments one's PCP would suggest.
-$2 trillion potentially wasted by a Romney Pentagon on nuclear missile submarines and tanks we don't need, all to try to scare people hiding in caves and in populated cities.  $2 trillion is enough money to buy a $529 iPad 3 for each of the 2.2 billion children in the world and have $836 billion left over to hook 'em all up to the internet.  Buying an iPad for each of the roughly 130 million people born every year would cost about $68 billion, which is way less than the annual difference between Romney's plan and Obama's.
-I'd like to have a line in here about taxes, but who the hell knows the effects on taxes of a Romney win.
-An Obama win would mean government would continue to be run by people who think government's important, which helps with things like disaster relief.
-A Romney win rewards complete, automatic refusal to compromise with the other party, as well as blatant voter suppression.
-Roe v Wade likely wouldn't survive a Romney win.

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