Friday, April 13, 2012

Great explanation of Romney's 92.3% boondoggle

Romney has been repeatedly saying in recent days that 92.3% of all jobs lost during the Obama administration were lost by women. Romney is attempting to use a statistical anomaly to say that a linberal war on women is being waged. While researching a post on this subject, I came upon this great summary.

In a nutshell, Romney is exploiting the fact that the net number of jobs held by men has returned to the level it was at when Obama took office. When you then compare the change of jobs held by men and by women, most of the decline is in female employment, since men's employment has returned to baseline. Romney makes no attempt in what way Obama has perpetrated this war. He makes no specific proposals of how to increase female employment. He instead is making a pointless ad hominem attack in a desperate attempt to obfuscate which party is attacking women.

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