Monday, April 23, 2012

Romney gets specific

In an effort to blunt Obama's upcoming attacks on college affordability, Romney announced his support for an extension of spending to keep interest rates low on student loans.  He had previously voiced support for Paul Ryan's budget, which decimates federal education spending, including on student loans and grants. 

Romney is damaged by having to take a specific position on a popular program.  If he is able to run on generalities of "small government", he can hedge his bets via tone and exact wording to keep anyone from getting too upset with him.  But, as with this issue, over the course of the campaign he will be forced to take clear stands on dozens of specific issues.  By focusing on these specific policy questions, Obama can splinter Romney's support.  Diversions from discussions of policy, such as Obama's "silver spoon" rhetoric last month, can only help Romney,

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