Monday, April 16, 2012

Secret message Mitt

Mitt Romney continues to play games to send signals to one group of voters or another. He has spent the last five years tacking to the right, but then he has sympathetic columnists "report" that his private views on things like immigration might not be as conservative as he sounds. He proposes huge tax cuts to be paid for by "closing loopholes", but the loopholes he suggests only offset about a fifth of the cost of the cuts (more on this tomorrow). His public vague comments about reform are backed up by slightly less-vague recent "behind closed doors" comments about eliminating/reorganizing entire cabinet departments.

It's perfectly legitimate to advocate for huge changes to the structure of government. But voters deserve to know what those plans are before they vote. And Romney, if he is so sure that his policies are correct, should be willing to discuss his positions openly. But Romney seems to be trying to make everyone happy, through sometimes-contradictory overt and covert messaging.

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