Saturday, April 14, 2012

Muddying the waters


Mitt Romney is getting destroyed in polls among female voters. His poor performance makes sense when you consider that, as the above image points out, Republicans across the country have in multiple substantive ways sought to limit the rights of women. Losing women by 19 points is no way to win an election, so Romney has to do something to get women back on his side.

He appears to be trying to increase support by saying it is in fact Obama who is attacking women. To any objective observer, his attempt is futile. But to the conservative voter who generally supports Republicans but are uncomfortable with their policies on women's issues, stories like the meaningless 92.3% statistic discussed yesterday, as well as the freakout over a comment by a liberal pundit, serve to provide psychological cover. If they can in any way convince themselves that Democrats are even on the same spectrum as the GOP when it comes to women's issues, they can pull back some support. This potential benefit comes at essentially zero cost, as most liberals and moderates are already horrified by the legislative actions of Republicans vis-a-vis women, so a few disingenuous attacks on Obama on the matter won't turn anyone else against them.

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