Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What would a centrist look like?

There's a tremendous amount of dissatisfaction with how Washington works.  Vast swaths of the electorate decry the polarization of our politics.  Many voters hope for a pragmatic center to emerge to restore function to our government.

My question is, what would such a centrist work toward?  They'd probably be for cutting entitlement spending, but not so much that we gut programs the elderly, poor and disabled depend on.  They would acknowledge that tax revenues are historically low and selectively raise taxes.  While they would not use torture, they would support a strong national defense.  When it comes to process, they would endeavor to find common ground with their colleagues across the aisle by adopting those solutions of the other party which make sense to them.

In other words, they would be Barack Obama.  Can there be any argument that, were the Barack Obama of today dropped into the Senate in 1993, he'd be a Republican?

Tomorrow, we'll discuss the irrational expectations that voters had for Obama vis-a-vis "post-partisanship".

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