Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When talking doesn't help

Turns out I already made most of the points I wanted to discuss regarding how Obama "failed" at becoming post-partisan in a post last month.  So no sense repeating it.

On a related note to the original point, I'd like to discuss an opinion piece on Fox News today.  The author criticizes Obama for raising the issue of gay marriage when "[y]ou, me, and almost everybody else in this country want to talk about jobs, the deficit, national security".

I would ask the author to please point to one issue since the Republicans took over the House where any significant proposal by Obama, economic or otherwise, has been met with anything other than reflexive and uniform resistance.  If the other side is only going to ever say "No!  Fuck you!" in response to any proposal, even when they are things Republicans used to support, Obama's only logical response is to focus on drawing stark contrasts wherever possible.


poopsypoo said...

You talked about punditocracy, but not religion.

PoliticalDoctor said...

I've spent the last few hours trying to come up with a way to post about religion without coming off as terribly offensive to the many religious people I love and whose views I ultimately respect. So rather than make a global point about religion in a public forum with the chance (heck, the likelihood) of my statements ticking someone off and/or getting me fired, I'd rather discuss it offline with anyone who'd like to do so. I'll buy the first round.