Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's Mitt's plan for Afghanistan?

2,109 American soldiers have died in Afghanistan, including 245 just this year.  Yet Mitt Romney didn't have anything to say about it in the biggest speech of his life.  Not one word.  Obama called him out on it today.

It's an impossible situation for Romney.  Obama's position is that we should carry out a gradual withdrawal finishing by the end of 2014.  What can Romney say in response?  He of course can't agree with Obama.  He can't say we'll be there more or less forever like McCain proposed for Iraq without alienating a huge majority of Americans ready for the war to end.  And he can't advocate leaving immediately without losing a chunk of his base.  So what does he do but hope to avoid the subject of a war involving the country he hopes to lead?

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TableTopJoe said...

The scariest thing about Mitt's "plan" for foreign policy is that he doesn't have one. Let there be no doubt that a Romney presidency would recycle Bush-era foreign policy, and dwarf W's legendary detachment.

I don't think that Mitt cares about foreign policy one way or the other. I just think that the Paul Wolfowitz crew will be running the Defense Dept. before we know it. Any bets for where Dick Cheney (or perhaps his daughter Liz), Bill Kristol, et al end up?