Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ratings as sign of apocalypse

These are the ratings for the news outlets on the first nights of the two conventions.  The 10 o'clock hour of these conventions is a series of speeches without interruption, so there's no real reason to watch one channel or another.  But the ratings for the cable news networks reflect the significant changes in the makeup of the people watching the events, with massive swings away from Fox News after the RNC and toward MSNBC and CNN.  This reflects the huge numbers of people who only ever hear one side of the story.  It's probably pretty easy for those millions of people to think of the other party as a caricature.

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NWest said...

It's interesting to see regular NBC near the top of both lists. Is Brian Williams the most trusted newsman in America? Rock center had a well balanced piece about the Mormon church a few weeks back.