Monday, September 10, 2012

Unfair criticism of Ryan

Despite all the partisan posturing over the debt ceiling, a majority of Congress and the President managed to agree to a plan which included things one side or the other didn't like.  Among these were painful automatic spending cuts which would take effect if the "supercommittee" was unable to agree to other cuts.  To encourage Democrats on the supercommittee, some of the automatic cuts were to domestic discretionary spending.  To keep Republicans at the table, there were massive cuts to the military.  Both sides, in what is just about the best we can do in terms of evidence of cooperation, voted for what they knew to be an imperfect bill.

Fast-forward to an interview Paul Ryan gave CBS today.  He was attacked for having voted for the defense cuts and essentially called a hypocrite for attacking Obama over those same cuts.  But to be fair to Ryan, he never really wanted the defense cuts in the first place.  He only agreed to them as part of a compromise.  He should still have the right to speak out about the parts of the bill he doesn't like.

Of course, the Romney/Ryan campaign's position on military spending IS utterly indefensible, adopting their party's military Keynesianism by attacking defense spending cuts saying the cuts will cost jobs.  If they agree military spending creates jobs, there's no earthly reason to believe that other government spending, such as the stimulus or Obama's proposed Jobs Act, doesn't create jobs too.

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