Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Plea to Rush Limbaugh

Dear Mr. Limbaugh,
Voting is a sacred act in the secular religion of American politics. Hundreds of thousands of America's men and women died in service of their country to protect this act. Women and minorities fought for decades for the right to stand up and have their say in who would represent them in our government.

Unfortunately, Mr. Limbaugh, this sacred act is under attack, and it is under attack by you and your listeners. Instead of encouraging your listeners to go to their polling place and vote for the man or woman they feel is best to lead our country, you are "ordering" them, as the "commander of Operation Chaos", to lie not only about their political affiliation, but to vote for a candidate they do not think is best for this country. You don't even believe she is the better candidate between the two Democrats!

That you're playing these childish games with people's votes demonstrates all that talk from you about honoring the sacrifices of our veterans is, like most of what comes out of your formerly nicotine stained lips, utter hogwash. I beg you to stop this un-American assault of the voting process.

thank you,
Jeff Archinal
The Political Doctor

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