Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why penalize voters?

Tonight, as the talking heads discuss what's going to happen @ the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee on May 31st, MSNBC's Chuck Todd reports that the two most likely outcomes are that Florida and Michigan will either lose half of all their votes or half of their pledged votes. This 2nd scenario punishes the voters by lessening their impact on the race but allows the superdelegates, many of whom are elected officials in Florida and Michigan, to have their voices heard.

This punishes exactly the wrong people. The primaries in Florida and Michigan were not moved up by citizen referendum, but by the state legislatures, in overwhelming majorities in both states. Moving up the primaries was in direct violation of DNC rules. So what is the DNC, according to Todd, planning to do? Penalize not the people who broke the rules, but the little guy. What a joke!

Strip the votes from the superdelegates, or at least the superdelegates who favored moving up the two states' primaries. Carl Levin (the US Senator from Michigan who spearheaded the effort to move up the primary) deserves to have his voice quieted far more than my Uncle Gary and the millions of other regular Democrats who voted in Florida and Michigan.

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