Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain, Busted Again!

Senator McCain was interviewed on 60 Minutes this past Sunday, and the topic of his campaign manager, Rick Davis, being a lobbyist on behalf of Freddie Mac came up. Actually, the interviewer said it was for Fannie Mae, but whatever. Here's what McCain said on the subject of Davis' lobbying firm, Davis Manafort, and any continuing ties with Freddie:

Everyone knew, at the time of the interview, that Freddie had paid Davis $30,000 a month until the end of 2005 to lobby on their behalf. Turns out, however, that according to the NY Times and Newsweek Freddie continued to pay Davis Manafort $15,000 a month right up until the government took over the company last month. So when McCain said in the above video "he had nothing to do with it since", he either didn't know about Davis' arrangement to be paid about half a million dollars ($15,000 x 36 or so months) for apparently doing nothing save for, presumably, possibly providing access to a McCain White House, or he was lying.

How does McCain not fire Rick Davis because of this?

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