Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shouldn't the Campaign, Ya Know, Suspend?

As we discussed yesterday, McCain announced that he would be suspending his campaign starting this morning after a speech at the Clinton Global Initiative so that he could go to Washington and help broker an agreement on the bank bailout. But you'd be hard-pressed to find signs of the campaign actually being suspended.

The Huffington Post called 15 McCain-Palin headquarters in battleground states, and none of them were dialing down their activities at all. McCain surrogates have been appearing on CNN/Fox/MSNBC to continue advocating for their candidate. McCain himself appeared this evening on all three network evening news broadcasts. And, oh yeah, he decided to go give a speech to the Clinton Global Initiative before suspending his speech, for some reason. I thought the economy was collapsing as we speak and could only be saved by making it non-political, which could be done by bringing in the presidential nominees?!

McCain arrived in Washington this afternoon, then proceeded to sit in his Senate office for a few hours before going to the White House, where he, along with Obama, met with the President and Congressional leaders. Obama is contributing at least as much as McCain to the process (without politicizing it so darn much, as we discussed yesterday), and yet he will manage to find a few hours tomorrow to go to Mississippi to have a debate before the American people. How is it that McCain can find time to give a speech in New York, then fly to Washington to sit in his office for a few hours, then go on all three evening news broadcasts, but he can't find time to go to Mississippi for what is, for many voters, the most important opportunity of the whole campaign to evaluate the future leaders of our country?

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