Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why Are They Hiding Her?

Is it possible we're going to elect Sarah Palin to the Vice Presidency without ever seeing her answer answer questions live on camera?

Today, the McCain campaign set up photo ops... er, I mean... meetings between Sarah Palin and some of McCain's favorite foreign leaders, Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and President Uribe of Colombia. There was a conflict today between the campaign and the media. The question was whether CNN, which was the "pool network"for the meetings, meaning they were the one network allowed to have a camera at the event provided that they would give video of the event to other networks, would be allowed to have a reporter present during the photo op before Palin and Karzai/Uribe talked. It is standard practice in White House and State Department events to allow such a reporter in these kinds of events.

But today the McCain/Palin campaign attempted to keep anyone who might write about the event of (GASP!) ask Palin a question (!!!!) from being present at the event. It was only after CNN threatened to pull its camera, and therefore deprive the McCain campaign of the video of Palin's first ever meeting with a foreign leader, that the campaign allowed an actual reporter in. And would you believe it? The reporter had the temerity to actually pose a query to the woman who might in 4 months be the first runner-up to the Presidency. She was asked "how did it go?", to which she responded "it was great." Clearly, you can understand why they fought to keep Mrs. Palin from having to face such grilling.

What are they worried about? They seem to think she's qualified to be the godmother of the country, but they don't think she can handle the press? What the dilly, yo?

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