Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain/Palin soft on child molestation?

1. Palin's city, of which she was mayor for years and a councilwoman for years more, made women pay for their own rape kits, the bundles of swabs, test tubes and such used to gather evidence from a women's, uh, private parts (no links here. Find your own, perverts!) in order to investigate sexual assaults. The state of Alaska had to pass a law to stop Wasilla from doing this.

2. As previously discussed, the campaign attacked Barack Obama for supporting a law which would teach kindergarteners how to avoid "bad touching" (AKA, "child molestation"), labelling such teaching "comprehensive sex education".

3. John McCain, during his wild youth (AKA, his 50's), told a terrible joke about rape.

4. The McCain/Palin campaign's current explanation (there have been several) for "Troopergate" is that Walter Monegan, the former Alaska Public Safety Commissioner, was fired because he went over Palin's head by going to Washington to ask for federal money for Alaska (which has the highest per capita rape rate in the US) for a law enforcement initiative to combat child molestation. Yes, seriously.

Now, I know the internets and the Google are susceptible to hyperbole, but, given that Palin (and, by extension, the McCain/Palin campaign) is willing to ask for millions of dollars to study seal DNA but not for little things like rape kits or law enforcement, isn't it possible that the Republican standard-bearers just aren't nearly as concerned as they maybe should be about rape?

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