Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bluntly ridiculous

Today, the Senate voted down an amendment to ObamaCare put forth by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO). The Blunt amendment (.pdf) would have allowed any employer to refuse to cover any health care service just by saying the service is "contrary to the religious beliefs or moral convictions of the sponsor" of the plan. Were the amendment adopted, there would be absolutely no restriction placed on which services an employer can refuse to cover. They could refuse to cover diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol medicines because to do so would encourage gluttony and sloth. They could refuse to cover HIV testing and treatments because they believe AIDS was sent by God to destroy the homosexuals. They could refuse to cover antibiotics because fuck you that's why.

Now, it's true that an employee could choose to quit and find a new job that has better coverage. But switching jobs isn't easy. It takes months to find a new job. If you've got a medical condition that requires care, you might not have months to wait.

This all comes back to your health insurance being an earned benefit, just like your paycheck, with which you can do what you want without endangering anyone's immortal soul. 48 senators, including 45 of 46 Republicans who cast a vote, chose to stand on the side of the rich people with the shitty argument who are not materially affected by the issue instead of the people whose very health and survival depend on having access to medical care. We'll see if there's a political price to pay.

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PoliticalDoctor said...

This comment was posted by Val on a previous post which I deleted just about exactly when she posted it:

"Thankfully, the amendment was just (barely) tabled by the Senate. I can't wait to watch Elizabeth Warren beat Scott Brown over the head with that vote."