Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gonna need to walk this one off

I've been reading today's transcript of the arguments before the Supreme Court regarding the individual mandate. It's been quite a roller coaster, running the gamut from utterly depressing to mildly hopeful. Ultimately, I settled on mildly hopeful. I'm too beat to do a full post, but here's one quick point:

This decision by the Court is overwhelmingly important, no matter where you come down on the issue. Its far-reaching implications will alter the flow of trillions of dollars, affect whether millions of Americans have access to non-emergent health care, and (equally importantly) how I earn my living. Given this importance, why is it that open discussion of the issue is only worth six hours of the justices' time? And even then, only with a few lawyers out of a nation of 300 million who mostly aren't lawyers?

Just askin'.

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