Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not all would be lost on Obamacare

Several huge health insurance companies announced recently that they would continue some aspects of Obamacare even if the law is overturned.  United Healthcare, Humana and Aetna will continue to allow people stay on their parents' insurance up to age 26, will not re-institute lifetime benefit limits, and not charge co-pays for some preventative services.

Which is all great.  Good for United, Humana and Aetna!

It's also, however, good for Republicans.  By continuing these popular pieces of Obamacare even if the law goes away, the political cost for Republicans favoring complete repeal goes down.  Of course, I'd rather millions of people get insurance as a result of these reforms than allowing Democrats to score some political points.  But I continue to think that Obama's doomed if the Affordable Care Act is even partially overturned.  I just don't think it'd be possible to recover if he loses his signature accomplishment.  The ruling should come down on June 25th or 28th, apparently.  So stay tuned.

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