Monday, June 18, 2012

Romney doesn't even have a secret plan

In '08, John McCain assured us all that he had a secret plan to catch Osama bin Laden.  He couldn't tell us what it was, of course, but he had one.  This time around, when it comes to immigration, the Republican nominee doesn't even bother claiming to have a secret plan.  In an interview released today by that liberal mouthpiece Fox News, Romney was asked if he would reverse Obama's order that young illegal immigrants be allowed to say.  Instead of reiterating his previous "self-deportation" strategy, which might not play well in a general election, Romney indeed appears to be trying to say that even he himself can't know how he'll come down on the issue until after the election.

What a ridiculous position to take, given that his previous position made even Newt Gingrich say holy shit, that's rough.  He is figuratively (I actually had typed literally;  near miss, man... near miss) trying to Etch-a-Sketch his way out of a hard-right position he took during the primary.  Who could have ever seen this coming?

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