Sunday, June 17, 2012

Romney doubles down on intransigence

In a move to reassure conservatives who worried that Romney might try to "etch-a-sketch" his way out of his hard-line pledge to reject any new taxes, even if every $1 was offset by $10 in spending cuts, today Romney reiterated his pledge to never raise taxes ever no matter what never.

What a simplistic and childish view of governance!  Sometimes politicians have to vote for/sign things they don't like.  It's what you have to do in a system of government like ours, because otherwise, the whole thing doesn't work (for reference, see the last 4 years).  No bill of any substance is ever going to be completely devoid of any little item one might find distasteful, but if a bill is on-balance a good thing and the best that you can get based on others' opinions, it's your responsibility to vote for it.

No one ever asks Romney the follow-up question: when WOULD you agree to raise taxes?  If Harry Reid offered to pass the Paul Ryan budget cuts in exchange for a shiny nickel from every millionaire in the country, would Romney tell him to pound sand?

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