Friday, June 29, 2012

Other paths to legality besides the military

Romney made some news today by misstating his own position on which illegal immigrants would be allowed to stay legally.  While his previously stated position was that he supported allowing illegals who serve in the military to earn a green card, he also stated that illegals with advanced degrees should be allowed to stay.  Of course this is a misstatement and nothing more.

But it's worth discussing why he might think that the only path to legality is the military.  There's this strange tendency to view serving in the military as the greatest good that a citizen can do, and it's just not always the case.  Why is it that Peace Corp volunteers, who face a death rate similar to members of the Air Force deployed to Iraq, never are asked to stand and be recognized at public events?  Why don't teachers get a national holiday?

How did Romney determine that only via military service could one earn a green card?  Does anyone really think that he sat down and did an honest appraisal of the benefits to the country that are derived from military service versus other methods of service to determine which ones should earn citizenship?  Or did he do a political calculation of which would get him elected?  Ask yourself, truly, which you think he did.

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