Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our cheap politics

Over at, which is generally a good liberal source and is highly recommended by yours truly, they're freaking out about a finding that there will likely have been around $125 million in political spending since last year for the state's recently-concluded recall elections.  The author decries this as somehow a sign that we're all fucked or something and that money in politics is out of control.

Proctor and Gamble will spend way, way more money on advertising this year than Obama and Romney.  It takes P&G just under two weeks to spend $125 million on ads, and that's for soap and makeup and shit.  The problem with our system is not the amount of money in politics.  It's that people let their views be influenced by ads they see on TV which they know to be biased.  Government is important, and we absolutely should be spending billions of dollars figuring out who will lead us.

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NWest said...

When I next buy some shit from The Walmart, I'll be sure to purchase P&G's brand-name, high-quality, grade-A, prime-cut, 100% guaranteed, pure shit.