Friday, June 22, 2012

Obama fights back

Tremendous statement by the President today regarding immigration reform specifically and the state of affairs in the Republican Party more generally in a speech before the National Association of Latino Elected Officials.  The highlight for me:

Now, once again, the problem is not the lack of technical solutions.  We know what the solutions are to this challenge.  Just six years ago, an unlikely trio -- John McCain, Ted Kennedy, President Bush -- came together to champion comprehensive immigration reform.  (Applause.)  I, along with a lot of Democrats, were proud to join 23 Senate Republicans in voting for it.  Today, those same Republicans have been driven away from the table by a small faction of their own party.  It’s created the same kind of stalemate on immigration reform that we’re seeing on a whole range of other economic issues.

Republican opposition to Obama is based on this image of him as a dangerous radical leftist, which statements like this help destroy.  How can he be a socialist if he'd have been at home in the Republican Party of the not-too-distant past?

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NWest said...

Because the Republican Party has been just as much for big government and corporate welfare as the Democrats. These folks are arguing over *who* gets to be in charge.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is needed, but since both parties are in bed with corporate interests, you can bet that it will be some "work visa" program to keep immigrants as serfs/indentured servants working for pennies and not being allowed to leave.

The H1-B visa, for all intents and purposes, is indentured servitude.